Sony confirms the story of TV serial Chanchan or Modern Bahu

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Mar 7, 2013

Sony confirms the story of TV serial Chanchan or Modern Bahu (By Nidhi)

Sony TV has revealed the story of their new serial Chanchan or Modern Bahu in the youtube promo 

This is the story they have writter

Chanchan is the story of a young liberal free spirited girl who becomes the bahu of a traditional orthodox family. Chanchan comes from a very liberal family. She stands up for what's right and speaks against what's wrong. She doesn't think twice before calling a spade a spade. 

Chanchan falls in love with a boy, who belongs to a family that is exactly opposite to Chachan's. The boy's mother, Uma Ben takes all the decisions in this household and sets the rules for her family. Uma Ben hates Chanchan from the very beginning. She doesn't want her son to be married to a girl like Chanchan but has to bow down to circumstances. Chanchan enters as the bahu bringing along with her pet dog as dahhej! Uma Ben swears that she will not allow Chanchan to stay more than 30 days! Watch the journey of Chanchan as it unfolds...

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Aug 15, 2013

Channnannnanana channchannachanna (By My views)

Channchann is an interesting and at the same time adventurous t.v serial.I truly wish from myheart that if Chanchan can come to Shiv Shristi complex,AMB. E. to meet us,it would be very thankful to her.

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